Deck Cover Speed

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Made from Engineered polymer, the same material used in aerospace industry
  • Install with clamp lock kit, no need to drill the truck box¬†
  • Light weight, only 28kgs.
  • Easy to remove and re-install yourself (D.I.Y), take only 3 minutes
  • Manual Lift Up with tough shock absorber
  • Small fitting kit giving generous space.
  • Strong and secure lock technique to protect your belongings from thief
  • Weather protection with high quality rubber seal
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Fuel saving, low profile and aero-dynamic design, lighter weight than others, improving full economy
  • Ensure for the quality of the product & comes with 1-year warranty
  • Paintable in any color you desire

Painted Color

Leather Grain

    U-lock to secure the lock strengthens the cover to the tailgate while the cover protects durable luggage and belongings safely.

    Locking mechanism and cable is designed with a durable lock tightly to ensure all purpose use.

    Pickup cover comes with specific design and easy to use with key lock for safety use.

    The high quality front hinged Supports open & close for fully effectively. Also comes with superior mechanical. Provide compact and space saving installation.

    LED light under the lid help to add more convenience to use in the dark. Available only Ford Ranger 2011 D/C, Toyota Vigo D/C, Mitsubishi Long bed D/C, Nissan D/C

    Provide 4 side rubber seal against water leak inside the truck. Protect luggage and belongings with confidence.

    Speed Paintable Black Leathal Grain
    Size: wide x length x thickness (mm.) 1730 x 1790 x 180    
    1765 x 2005 x 180    
    Roughly weight of shell (kg.)   24 29 21 26
    Packaging size: wide x length x thickness (mm.) 1800x1810x185    
    Total weight of product plus packaging (kg.)   28 32 24 29

    Speed Car Spec

    No. Brand Model Year Spec
    1 Toyota Vigo 2004
    2 Isuzu D-Max 2006
    3 New D-Max 2011
    4 Ford Ranger 2006  
    5 New Ranger 2012  
    6 Mazda BT 50 2006  


    Triton Curve 2009  
    Triton Long Bed 2009  
    9 Nissan Navara 2007
    10 Chevrolet Colorado 2006

    Benefits of ABS

    • Can be recycle
    • There is a balance of both hardness and toughness. Improve the impact resistance properties as well.
    • Saving fuel energy, light weight, making it easy to assemble and install. Saving costs
    • Produce from ABS factory which does not cause pollution, smells like Fiberglass.
    • No rust throughout the lifespan.
    • Skin of ABS is smooth which result in low fiction.
    • Resistant to sunlight and UV light.

    Green Label

    The Green Label is an environmental certification awarded to specific products that are shown to have minimum detrimental impact on the environment in comparison with other products serving the same function.

    The Thai Green Label Scheme applies to products and services, not including foods, drinks, and pharmaceuticals. Products or services which meet the Thai Green Label criteria can carry the Thai Green Label. Participation in the scheme is voluntary.

    The symbol signifies environmental conservation. The flora (the leaves) and fauna (the bird) depicted are the living wonders of the world. In the myriad of links with our earth, our hopes for future generations (the smiling face) grows from life respecting nature.

    Deck Cover Speed